Freedom from painful joints.

Natural essential oils to help in treatment of joint pains.

A Powerful, Natural

Pain Relief Solution

Immediate, Lasting, Healing Relief!

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Restore Motion & Flexibility

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Knee Pain

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

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Actual Orthayu users share their Results

Naveen Kumar, Maharashtra

Most part of my job involves sitting, which led to severe lower back pain. I started using all sorts of back rests but the relief was temporary. I saw the ad of OrthAyu and decided to give it a go. I have using it for 10 days and it has reduced my lower back pain to a large extent.  

Arjun Sonkar, Orissa

I bought OrthAyu a month back and I already like this amazing product. It really works and is definitely worth a try.

Chirag Shah, Gujarat

My brother suffers from knee pain and it gets worse during winters. I suggested him using OrthAyu and he has seen a dramatic difference. 

Saroj Agarwal, Gurgaon

I am 69 years old, due to my age my knees and back have started paining a lot. I have to wear a back belt and a knee cap all the time. I started using OrthAyu a few weeks back and I have reduced the use of the belt and the knee cap.

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Rs. 2490

Rs. 299 Delivery Charges